Welcome to The Dubai Piano Institute – The leading piano Academy dedicated to piano enthusiasts in Dubai!

The Dubai Piano Institute is surely the most reputable and distinguished academy for piano enthusiasts who wish to take piano lessons in Dubai and the UAE.

It is renowned for its incomparable standard of excellence, its outstanding level of piano instruction, and the incredible devotion that its piano instructors offer to their pupils.

Celine Gaurier-Joubert teaching her student Daan

The Dubai Piano Institute has been founded after the huge success of The London Piano Institute, with the aim of providing you, as a Dubai resident, with an unparalleled piano education whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced amateur pianist.

Whatever your age or musical background, you are most welcome to attend our high quality piano classes, and benefit from an unparalleled piano instruction.

At The Dubai Piano Institute, we strongly believe that it is never too late to start, and that you do not need any special talent to learn how to play the piano for your own pleasure and enjoyment.

We would also be delighted to welcome you if you are already a competent amateur pianist who wish to seriously improve your technical or interpretation skills.

Please do remember that absolutely all levels from total beginners to very advanced pianists are welcome at The Dubai Piano Institute.

Created by the master pianist and well-know piano instructor Celine Gaurier-Joubert, The Dubai Piano Institute is without a doubt the most recommended piano academy for all piano enthusiasts.

You can be assured to learn the correct techniques from day one, and benefit from world-class piano instructors in a non-judgmental and relaxed atmosphere.

The Dubai Piano Institute is designed for piano enthusiasts from all walks of life including lawyers, surgeons, corporate executives, engineers, scientists, writers, TV producers, architects, finance professionals, bankers and more.

Celine teaching Laurence

If you are a beginner and you have never played before, we have a special message for you.

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Piano student learning to play

Eugen learning to play the piano in Dubai

Celine's piano student performing.

Improve Your Piano Playing With Excellent Piano Instructors

We genuinely care about your progress!


Perfect for All Levels - Get Started Today!

At The Dubai Piano Institute, we specialise in teaching all piano enthusiasts, from absolute beginners to advanced amateur pianists. Whether you wish to learn how to play the piano, or improve your piano playing, we will ensure that you benefit from the highest piano instruction available in Dubai. We believe that you are talented, and that you can definitely achieve all your musical goals!


Lessons in our gorgeous piano studio in Dubai

Learn how to play the piano or improve your piano skills drastically under the guidance of expert piano instructors in our gorgeous piano studio, designed for you to learn in a wonderful setting.


Enjoy Periodic Student Concerts and Events

Periodically we organise amazing student concerts (in a prestigious setting) where you can enjoy the company of "like-minded" piano lovers and stunning piano music! Concerts take place in a non-judgmental setting.


Develop Your Piano Playing Quickly!

Thanks to the sensational result-oriented methods used by our master piano instructors, you can be assured to develop your piano playing quickly, while building on a solid foundation. All our piano lessons are both educational and enjoyable, as we wish you to embark on a fantastic piano journey, and become the proficient pianist that you have always dreamed to be!


90% Chance of failure

SHOCKING FACT: Did you know that 90% of new piano students stop playing the piano after only 4 months of learning?

Frustrated Pianist

It is unbelievable but true, so by holding on a bit longer, you already belong to the top 10%, and increase dramatically your chances of becoming a proficient pianist.

The main reason why adults give up playing the piano is the fact that they get frustrated, and disappointed in their progress, and it is mainly the fault of their instructor.

Choosing the wrong piano instructor can be devastating, and can result in you giving up on your dreams.

It would happen as a poorly qualified and inexperienced instructor would not provide you with the right guidance, and the necessary motivation.

Studying with an expert piano instructor who focus on making your piano lessons both educational and highly enjoyable is key to your piano success.

What makes the difference between a pianist who never gets past being able to play a simple melody and the C major scale and a pianist who has a solid command of his or her instrument?

Answer: It is down to the skills and competency of your piano instructor. Not to your talent or ability.

Why we will help you succeed

Why we will make you succeed and help you improve your piano playing drastically

piano growth

They have all obtained the highest possible qualifications and have an unparalleled experience in teaching piano enthusiasts.

They completely understand that you play the piano for your own pleasure and enjoyment, and always keep this fact in mind while ensuring that your piano skills are built on a strong foundation.

Our piano instructors have a remarkable understanding of psychology, and know how to adapt their teaching to each of their students. They know how to adjust in order to ensure that you benefit from an education that always matches your current ability, needs and wishes.

You can be ensured to benefit from the highest piano instruction, attend lessons that are both educational and enjoyable, and make remarkable progress quickly thanks to their fantastic result-oriented methods.

By booking a piano course at The Dubai Piano Institute, you will surely become the extraordinary pianist that YOU want to be!

80% Psychology and 20% skill

Piano playing is 80% psychology and 20% skill

state of mind

Learning to play the piano is first and foremost about your state of mind. Without proper motivation and encouragement from a mentor/teacher, it will be very difficult to learn how to play to the best of your ability. Practicing with the correct technique is 20% of the game, but success is powered by a perfect state of mind!

Your goals and ambitions

We will work with your goals and ambitions to make you the pianist YOU want to be!

2 Piano players performing

At The Dubai Piano Institute, we cater for all piano enthusiasts, whatever the ultimate goal they have in mind.

We are extremely privileged to work with expert piano instructors who all specialise in different music genres, and we are therefore pleased to be able to offer you the finest piano education in classical, jazz or even pop music.

The choice is entirely yours, and whatever your preference, we can assure you that The Dubai Piano Institute is the right piano academy for you.

Whether you dream of learning how to interpret Beethoven, Mozart or Chopin beautifully, how to improvise and master jazz piano playing, or how to perform ‘Your Song” as well as Elton John, the exceptional expertise of our piano instructors will surely make your dream come true!

Please visit our piano programs to find the most suitable piano course for you.

See you soon at our gorgeous piano studio in Dubai!

Master piano instructor Céline Gaurier Joubert

Celine Gaurier-Joubert

Head Piano Teacher at The Dubai Piano Institute

Piano Lessons for Piano Enthusiasts in Dubai
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Piano Lessons for Piano Enthusiasts in Dubai
Piano lessons for piano enthusiasts in Dubai. Beginners, intermediate and advanced piano learners welcome. Learn classical, rock, jazz and pop styles in a formidable setting designed for you.
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